People first. Justice always.

Systemic oppression and racism are built into every layer of society, and to build a better Bronx, we must take them out at the root. We deserve bold leadership, unafraid to name and take on the daily challenges we face. As your councilwoman, I’m committed to progressive legislative and budget priorities that reflect the resilience and values of District 11.

We don’t ask for our basic human rights. We demand them. ¡Punto!

Pandemic Relief & Response

We’re still in the middle of a pandemic, and our government needs to act like it. We must help all New Yorkers be safe, and survive with their health, homes and livelihood.

Civic Engagement

For residents to make civic engagement a priority, they must be able to trust that they can safely vote and that their participation will make a difference. I will work to increase turnout and overall engagement and remove obstacles to ballot access and participation wherever possible - including municipal voting rights for residents regardless of immigration status.

Health Justice

Healthcare is a human right. Regardless of age, race, LGBTQ+TGNB identity, immigration status, or mobility - our physical, mental, dental, sexual and reproductive health are essential. I’ll fight for the quality, affordable, and universal healthcare we all deserve.

Education Justice

Our schools shouldn’t be segregated and underfunded. But they are. We must guarantee equal access to high-quality education by fully funding our NYC school system, instituting anti-racist admissions policies and curriculum, and paying teachers the wages they earned and deserve.

Immigrant Justice

We own over half of NYC’s businesses, power a quarter of the total GDP, and make up one third of the city’s population. We must promote full civic engagement by immigrant New Yorkers, and protect against federal actions that marginalize and victimize us.

Cultural Justice

Whether it’s on the streets, in classrooms, or at our renowned institutions, creativity is the heartbeat of NYC. Over 400,000 artists generate $110 billion in annual economic activity, but the majority of municipal funding still goes to predominantly white institutions. We must prioritize the resurgence of the Arts & Culture sector, investing in Black, Brown and Immigrant communities and artists to lead the way.

Housing Justice

We have a rent crisis. In District 11, 1 in 6 children experienced homelessness in the last 5 years, and too many New Yorkers spend the majority of their income on housing. In the fight to preserve our current housing stock, we must also end discriminatory policies and loopholes that limit who can live where and paths to homeownership. Reimagining how we design and build affordable housing is essential to a sustainable New York.

Food Justice

As the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted, many New Yorkers live under the constant burden of food insecurity. This is unacceptable — I will work to ensure secure, healthy access to food for all our neighbors.

Economic Justice

We should not be at a financial cliff every month, especially when billionaires’ grotesque wealth has grown by $1 trillion during this pandemic. It couldn’t be any clearer: a living wage is a human right and a matter of public health. Regular New Yorkers should make enough to support their families and be financially independent. We must create good jobs, support small businesses and remove obstacles to employment.

Justice for Seniors

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Transportation Justice

Robert Moses built our city to be divided by race and class, and redlining ensured the success of certain neighborhoods over others. Transportation deserts exacerbate the impacts of this segregation - especially in the Bronx. We need to reach one another to be connected. All NYC neighborhoods must have modern, accessible and affordable mass transit - NOW.

Criminal Justice Reform

NYC’s budget should reflect the values of residents, not the NYPD’s continued thirst for unchecked power. We invest too much in policing and incarceration, and not enough in people—especially those made vulnerable by a system designed to fail them. Over the past 3 fiscal years, taxpayers footed the bill for about $500 million in police misconduct settlements. This is a gross abuse of public trust and funds. Instead, we must shift billions of dollars away from the NYPD into our public schools, healthcare and recreational programs for youth. A focus on early intervention, rehabilitation and restorative justice is the humane bare minimum we need, and should expect.


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Tax Justice

The failure of leadership to confront greed created a revenue crisis made worse by the pandemic. City and State governments could learn a thing-or-two from the resilience of our residents. We must protect the people putting their lives on the line to provide the essential services we rely on.

Disability Justice

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Labor Justice

As the past year have made clear, New York’s labor protections are insufficient for the realities of the modern economy. We must take care to protect and support all organized labor and center the concerns of working residents.

Language Justice

English is my second language. New Yorkers deserve representatives who reflect and speak directly to the communities they serve. As Councilwoman, I will model a commitment to language justice, embedding it in every action I take.

Environmental Justice

I support the Green New Deal because reducing harmful impacts of abuse and neglect of the environment, especially in our predominantly Black and Brown communities, is a matter of life or death. The Bronx has the highest summer temperatures and rates of asthma in NYC, and we continue to see superstorms damage our neighborhoods and industries. Climate change is real, and we must legislate accordingly.

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